Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday


Another week, another Not Me! Monday.  

This week, I did (not) accidentally buy a rotten pumpkin to carve.  The innards were (not) brown instead of orange.  I was (not) sad that I couldn’t roast the seeds.

I did (not) set the jack-o-lantern out on my porch on a small table… right under the roof downspout.  It was (not) filled with about 3 inches of water when I went to light it Halloween night.  The top was (not) soft and did (not) cave in during the night.  I did (not) throw the jack-o-lantern away first thing the following morning.

I did (not) go to a Gopher’s football game this past weekend.  It was (not) like stepping into an alternate reality.  It was (not) the first time I’ve ever heard “rah” at a football game (it’s part of their song/chant).  The school song does (not) end with everyone spelling Minnesota.  Goldy Gopher (the mascot) did (not) have about eight wardrobe changes/Halloween costumes.   It was (not) cold enough that I ended up wearing all the layers of clothing I could find – plus hand warmers and a blanket :)

Now head over to MckMama’s blog to see what everyone else did (not) do this week.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday


Finally!!!  Notice the lovely picture :)  It’s Not Me! Monday time again.  Head over to MckMama’s blog and see what everyone else did (not) do this week.

I did (not) finally get internet at my apartment.  I have (not) already lived here for three months and have just now signed up.  Internet at home will (not) get me blogging more.  I think.

Friday evening after a lovely dinner with friends, I did (not) bail on hanging out with them after dinner so I could go back to my place and watch Glee on Hulu.  I do (not) love Glee and would not spend a perfectly good Friday night watching episodes on the internet that will be there later. 

Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I did (not) think that I had the button corrected this week. I did (not) get a rude awakening upon hitting "post" and realize that it wasn't working after all :(

This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This will (not) be a little catch-up post about my vacation which was (not) really, really fun! I did (not) spend a bunch of time with my sister and her kids. This did (not) include lots of cuddle time with Lynae, my newest neice who arrived 09/09/09. She is one of the most adorable babies ever! :)

The "Week of Wedding" at Disney was (not) amazing as well. I did (not) lose my camera charger while moving and was not able to take any pictures. I did (not) have a great time with all my long lost Florida friends at the wedding. Said friends did (not) repeatedly try to convince me to move back to Florida. They did (not) get me thinking that maybe I should look into it.

I do (not) have to pack up and go to DC again this week. I am (not) becoming an expert at packing just the neccessities for a week trip to DC. I do (not) know DC better than the neighborhood I moved to in July. I will (not) be staying in the world's smallest hotel room again because it's the closest hotel to the office that has availability. They do (not) charge $1 per square foot per night for the room.

Blogging does (not) get put on the back burner when I'm busy, so I hope things will slow down soon so I can post about the things I've promised.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Vacation and a Brick Wall

Yep - I went on vacation. For two weeks. I went back to visit my family in Florida including my new niece and attended a friend's wedding.
I got work calls on 8 different days while I was gone :(

And I came back to a harsh work reality. Not just an I've-been-gone-for-two-weeks-my-work-has-been-piling-up -while-I-was-gone reality, but a New-financial-systems-launch-this-week, Big-project-that-I-thought-I-was-finished-with-(twice)-needs-more-work, Welcome-to-budget-season-you-need-to-have-it-in-the-system-and-locked-this-week, Quarter-end, Government-fiscal-year-end-so-all-contracts-end-and-start-new-and-oh-yeah-you-need-to-create-the-invoices-for-them, can-you-do-this-work-I-said-I-would-do-while-you-were-gone-but-never-really-intended-to-do, can-you-price-this-deal reality. All of this is something that is either due this week (and I haven't completed it yet) or due next week. Like running smack into a brick wall. Grrr.

Maybe the weather is making me cranky. The first night I got back it was in the 60's, but since the high has been closer to 55 and it's been rainy. So much for getting out and enjoying fall.

Ok. I'm done whining. Back to work. More to come about my vacation soon. You know, when I get a chance to blog again!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Crazy Product of The Week

This one doesn’t appear to be too crazy… first. It’s a lounge chair made of cork it only looks like cardboard.

mich_cortica_chaise_01_SALE_LRG Nothing too crazy yet. Here goes – it’s currently on sale… for about $3,000… down from about $5,000!!!


Click here for all the info. You know – if you want more info on a piece of furniture most of the planet can’t afford.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


If I can just survive this week at work, I will get two weeks off! (minus the time that I have to log in from vacation).

You would think that having vacation to look forward to would make the week go faster. So far that's not the case. Too much work to do to prep for vacation. And lots of work to do when I get back to make up for the work missed on vacation. What is the purpose of a vacation if you don't really get time off, you just spread it into the week before and the week after?

Sometimes I miss the days of working at Target or Bath & Body Works because anyone could do my job when I missed work (not that I ever missed work!)

Hmmm... I need a vacation!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Labor Day is the unofficial start of fall. I love fall - sweaters, apples, pumpkins, halloween, seeing the leaves change and fall, fall festivals, visiting the wineries...

Welcome Fall!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Nation's Capital

I visit Our Nation's Capital more and more frequently lately. When I moved to Minnesota and started this job, I was told that I would be traveling infrequently (twice a year maybe?), but since we have a Florida office as well, I would probably end up there once a year. Not bad - a free flight and the ability to extend my trip for a family visit.
I have been at this job for about two and a half years. For the first year and a half, I traveled about four times a year. Mostly I have traveled to Our Nation's Capital, but I did go to the Pennsylvania office once.
In the last year, I have traveled to Our Nation's Capital much more frequently. Mostly due to the BIG project I've had on my plate (that you'll note I've finished a few times because of requests for revisions). I am again in Our Nation's Capital today heading back to Minnesota. This trip was unexpected - I had about 24 hours from when I found out I needed to come and when I needed to arrive. This is my third trip in about a month. So much for infrequent travel.
I have not yet visited the Florida office.

With the exception of one trip to Our Nation's Capital (when I attended a training, not a meeting), I spend most of my time in the office. We work long days, and there is usually work to be done back at the hotel after dinner. The extent of my sightseeing is looking at the monuments out the office or plane window.

Now that the big project is done (at least for now), I have decided that I should be taking some more time to see the Capital while I'm there. Any suggestions on what to see if I only have time to see it after 7pm? Since we're moving towards winter, it will be dark soon after 7. Maybe one of these trips I'll be able to stay through the weekend!

I'm told that we are planning a meeting at our Florida office. I'm not holding my breath.

I would have liked to stay in the Capital over the holiday weekend, but I have tickets tonight for the Vikings vs. Cowboys game!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday again. I have done nothing towards getting the links/pictures in one place so I have them for today. I also have not

This week I did (not)
- take a day off work to go to the State Fair
- take pictures at the fair of the butter carvings. In butter, they carve the heads of the Dairy Princesses. I think they're called the Princess Kay of the Milky Way.
- pet a newborn pig
- eat some food on a stick :)
- pack in a van with 10 other people to go see a friend's new house
- have the luau pizza at Chatterbox (very good!)
- bike 23 miles in one day (on my new bike)
- get onto the wrong trail and go an extra four miles on the bike ride(was supposed to be a 19 mile bike ride)
- put together a bike mount for my car (still needs work - it was shifting a little on my drive this morning)
- read two books
- reserve at the library the sequel to one of the books and two others by the same author
- drive around with the library books for three days and not return them
- find a dress for my friend's wedding (finally)
- find shoes for the wedding
- make margherita pizza - complete with fresh mozzerella - at home (it was just OK)
- ate pizza 3 times this week

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Another week has (not) gone by without me even thinking about posting. I am (not) starting to wonder if blogging is really my thing. On to what did (not) happen this week.

I did (not) finish my big work project... again. That's right, this was (not) a re-do of my earlier project that was completed in February. When printed, my piece did (not) fill a six inch binder. Six. Inch. Binder....Full.

This weekend I did (not) take a well deserved rest. I did (not) skip out of work early on Friday and attend my conference call Friday afternoon from the mall. I did (not) spend hours at the mall on Friday and only come out with clothes for my nieces and nephews. Clothes shopping for kids is (not) MUCH more fun than clothes shopping for me. I am (not) planning to spend more time clothes shopping for me soon so I can find a dress for an upcoming wedding I'm attending.

This weekend I did (not) run errands on Saturday, decide the weather was too nice to run errands, return to my apartment and head out to the pool to read. I did (not) finish that book on Saturday evening. I didn't finish the errands (really, I didn't).

Sunday I did (not) go kayaking with friends in the smallest little lake. In an hour we did (not) go around it about eight times. I have (not) decided that I really like kayaking and will definitely (not) do it again. Although if I were to do it again, it would (not) be on the chain of lakes because I most certainly did (not) get bored going around and around in circles for an hour on the tiny lake.

After kayaking, I did (not) meet my friend at the bike shop. That did (not) turn into me getting a new bike. I then did (not) take the new bike for a spin around one of the lake (larger than the kayaking one). I do (not) love the new bike :) I am (not) planning bike rides for every weekend until the weather gets bad.

I am (not) slacking on taking pics of the new place that I have now lived in for officially one month. I have not yet hung up anything on the walls besides the clock that isn't working after the move.

I am (not) posting because I feel unmotivated to work. Chaulk it up to the extra hours I've put in recently.

More later (or maybe next Monday).

Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Yet again I am creating this post on the fly and do not have the picture or a way to link up to MckMama's blog (who started Not Me! Monday), but here goes:

I did (not) almost promise to do a "real" Not Me! Monday next week complete with logo and links before realizing that I am 75% sure I would break that promise and should not make it.

I do (not) only blog when I have free time, and since I've had some surprises come up with work, I have (not) ignored blogging, reading other blogs, etc. This is (not) also in addition to not having internet at home.

I did (not) discover that I can hook up to internet at home this weekend while attempting to get my work done without going in to the office. I also did (not) eat at Panera yesterday just so I could use their internet.

I did (not) injure myself jumping out of the back of a golf cart this weekend. I am (not) that much of a clutz that a simple thing like getting out of a golf cart (even if it was one of those built like a dump truck) would be something that hurt me.

Paramedics in the office first thing on a Monday are (not) concerning to me. I was (not) impressed by the swiftness of the security team as they ushered in the paramedics. The CEO did (not) arrive at the same time as the paramedics. What a way to start a week! (I have learned that the person is OK and is just being observed. No idea what happened).

I was (not) so excited to finish my big work project late last night that I immediately started checking my calendar to figure out when I can take a day off. I love every minute of my job and love giving them all my free time as well as the regular work week.
I did (not) decide this morning that since I have at least a few committments every day this week, that I would attempt to just take a couple of afternoons off instead. I do (not) look forward to my time off that much that I would start planning to shorten the week on Monday morning.

I do (not) work about a half mile from one of the largest malls in the country and do (not) refuse to shop on the weekends during school shopping season (is that a season?) This is (not) contributing to the need for time off.

I did (not) finally pick up a converter box this weekend. I was (not) excited to finally have TV again. It's the little things in life.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I'm again without my computer and files, so I'm posting this on the run. Here's what this week did (not) consist of...
- Attending 38 hours of meetings in four days
- Sitting for 6 hours on planes
- Working at my desk in MN 5 hours
- Waking up 3 hours earlier than normal
- Spending one hour going to get my new cell phone - in Arlington - I missed internet too much to wait until I got home
- Taking a 2 hour nap Sunday afternoon
- Seeing Julie & Julia - it was OK
- Wine tasting at the St. Croix Winery
- Eating out for every meal
- A massive grocery trip
- Leaving my lunch at home today.

Hopefully more time to write coming soon!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It isn't an official Not Me! Monday, but I have been on hiatus for a while, so here goes. In the last week (or maybe ten days) I did (not) do the following:
- welcome my parents to MN
- sign the lease for a new apartment
- move me into the new apartment
- go to the park to see the Pops Orchestra
- see the Art Car Parade
- listen to the orchestra play my baby song (Oh What a Beautiful Morning from Okalahoma)
- fly to DC for a last minute meeting
- fly home from DC
- turn in the keys to my old apartment
- go to Historic Murphy's Landing
- get called away from Murphy's Landing for a last minute work conference call
- drop my parents off at the airport for them to head back to FL
- work
- work
- happy hour for my 30th birthday
- work
- 18 mile bike ride (on a sucky bike - I thought I was going to die)
- Birthday night out - dinner and the dueling piano bar
- bike shopping (so I don't die next time)
- realize the tonado sirens also go off for severe thunderstorms
- let some crickets into the apartment while bringing in the patio futniture (I have a patio!)
- clean up after the cat when she ate, then threw up one of the crickets
- work
- head back to DC

I am (not) currently sitting in DC again. For the second time in a little over a week.

I do have a few new things to post about, but they will have to wait until things settle down a little.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


is my golden Birthday :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a Quick Note

I've been super busy lately - work and home. I just moved and don't have internet access yet (I'm taking a quick break at work to post this) so I'll update more once I'm all settled in and have internet!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday


Another week has (not) gone by. With work being busy and me hunting for an apartment in the evenings, this week did (not) go by really quickly. I have (not) been slacking on blogging and did (not) think about skipping Not Me! Monday this week.

This week I did (not) successfully find an apartment (again). This time is with a complex instead of a private owner, so I’m (not) confident it won’t fall through. I will (not) post pictures once I move in. I have (not) started the countdown to moving and then realize how much of a pain it is to change my address.

I did (not) go to the drive-in movie theater this weekend. It was (not) the first time I went to a drive-in since I was about 8 years old. Even though the movies were (not) ones I would normally pick (Transformers and Star Trek), I did (not) have a lot of fun. I am (not) already trying to plan going back next weekend.

This weekend I did (not) completely skip doing the laundry. I will (not) have to be creative for my clothes for work tomorrow. Maybe I should (not) stop blogging now and go start a load.

Head over to MckMama’s blog and see what everyone else has (not) been up to.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crazy Product of The Week

This one is kindof funny, but I wonder who thought of it. It’s a ball for dogs that has a tongue on it.

HT-Thumb-1 They have it in different sizes – for large or small dogs.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me! Monday

NotMeMonday Another week has come and gone.  There is a HUGE list of things that I did (not) do.  I will (not) bore you with all of them. Here’s some of them.

This week was (not) really, really long.   Work did (not) entail putting out one fire after another.  I am (not) complaining about work in a public forum.  I do (not) enjoy the work I do – that comes out wrong when I turn it around.  I DO enjoy the work I do.  Typically.  Most weeks.  Most parts of it.

New topic.

This week I did (not) find out that the perfect townhouse place I planned to rent is (not) going to work out.  Grrrr.  So I am (not) back to apartment hunting.  I do (not) hate apartment hunting.  Maybe if I repeat it I’ll believe it.  I do (not) hate apartment hunting, I do (not) hate apartment hunting. 

I do (not) really like using the strikethrough.

I did (not) attend my first pro baseball game this week.  Twins vs. Astros.  I did (not) have to practically beg to get someone to go with me.  All my friends did (not) have other plans for Father’s Day already (Happy Father’s Day!)  It was (not) a really good game anyway – even thought the Twins lost.

There are a LOT of other things that I did (not) do this week, but I promised I would (not) bore you with them.  Head over to MckMama’s blog to read about all the other things that were (not) done this week.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday


Another week, another Not Me! Monday. I am (not) writing this late evening on Monday. I was (not) too busy visiting with my sister to write it on Sunday night.

We did (not) spend the whole weekend sleeping in, shopping, and visiting. During her visit, I did (not) take multiple pictures of a baby giraffe (check out those knobby knees),


a chipmunk,


and a sea lion (who saw my camera and stopped to pose in front of me)


and forget to take a picture of us together until I was dropping her off at the airport this morning (I’m on the right)


That’s all I’m (not) admitting to this week for Not Me! Monday. Head over to MckMama’s blog to read about all the other things people did (not) do this week.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday


I did (not) almost skip Not Me! Monday today.  I was (not) still recovering from a long week last week.  That is also why I did (not) post much last week.

Last week was (not) a very long week.  I did (not) have a full week meeting that took me away from my “regular” job during the busiest week of the month.  That does (not) make for a very long week.

On the positive side, I did (not) find a place to live!  Now I do (not) feel the need to complain about apartment hunting on here.  This place was (not) actually found by a co-worker.  My current place was (not) found the same way.

This new place is (not) exactly what I was looking for.  It is (not) the right price too!!  You will (not) have to wait until I move in to get pictures.

I do (not) believe that MckMama is doing Not Me! Monday this week, but just in case, feel free to head over to her blog here.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crazy Product of the Week

Please tell me you’ve seen commercials for Bumpits! If not, this is a piece of plastic you put in your hair to make it taller. I wish these had been around in the 80’s when I wore the poof. Not really sure what I would use it for now. They come in different colors to match your hair and different sizes – some for bangs, different heights.

main_offer_05 Maybe I’m just out of the loop!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday


Another week has gone by and it’s time again to talk write about all the things that I did (not) do this week.

I do (not) hate apartment hunting.  I do (not) think that whoever invented it should die.  I did (not) text that to a friend of mine this weekend.  I did (not) spend the weekend online looking for apartments and driving around looking at apartments.  At happy hour with work friends on Friday the conversation did (not) turn to apartment hunting.   Even though it consumed my weekend, I did (not) tour any apartments in person.  I have (not) already turned in my intent to vacate, so I am (not) committed to moving.

My cat has (not) taken up staring at the back of the couch while sitting on it.  She has (not) done it enough this week that I am starting to wonder why she does it.  If you were a fly on the wall, you would (not) have seen me checking the couch to see what she was staring at.

The highlight of my week was (not) booking a trip to FL for this fall.  I was (not) really excited to find a cheap flight out for my friends’ wedding.  The wedding is (not) a couple of weeks after my sister’s baby is due, so I will (not) be in FL for two weeks for both. 

I did (not) finally break down and look into getting my drivers seat upholstery fixed.  It has (not) been torn for a few years and just now start to bother me.  Getting the piece replaced will (not) cost me several hundred dollars, so instead, I did (not) just buy a seat cover.  I (never) cut corners like that just to save some money.

There are plenty of other things I did (not) do this week, but I do (not) need to keep a list throughout the week in order to remember them.  Now, if you’ve had enough of the things I did (not) do, head over to MckMama’s to see what everyone else did (not) do.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Chair Re-Done

I finished! I’ve had this chair for a month. Here is the re-do in pictures:

P1020804 P1020805

Before pictures. Notice how much the seat sags.


The bottom of the seat (after I got through a layer or two) – it was all broken.

P1020814 P1020815

About 2,000 staples later, I had just a frame, then I put a new seat in (I got instructions from my mom over the phone and she mailed me a tool I needed).

P1020816 P1020817

I used the original foam (I was surprised at how expensive foam is!) I used cotton batting to replace the thin foam around the frame that was too damaged to use. I took my mom’s advice and bought an electric stapler. I HIGHLY recommend it if you’re planning to reupholster something.

P1020818P1020819P1020820 P1020821

I took (mental) notes when I took the seat apart. One of the things was that the seat had to be completely finished in order to put staples in the back. Just in the area where the fabric (or batting) tucks behind the seat.

P1020822 P1020823

The back was trickier. There were two long pieces of metal with teeth all down them that hold the sides of the back on. I had to wrap the fabric around them and hammer them into place. I should have taken pictures of that part.

P1020824 P1020828

To spray paint the bottom, I had to go to the park (I have no outdoor space). This was my little set up – using everything in my car to keep it from blowing away!


The finished product! I think it turned out pretty well for my first attempt :)

Even though the chair only cost me $5 from Craigslist, the supplies added a bit to the price.

Chair $5

Cotton batting, just for seat and upholstery tacks for seat $12

Material ordered from Canadian company Tonic (because I’m too picky for any of the fabric in stores here) $35 – with a lot left over

Sandpaper, spray primer, spray paint $10 – also used for another project

Total $62 and that includes extra material and supplies for another project.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crazy Product of The Week

Don’t you just hate when you have a fancy dinner and the gravy in the gravy boat gets cold? Ok – I have one, maybe two meals a year that use gravy and are more formal than just microwaving the jar of gravy. Anyway… apparently many people have this issue of gravy getting cold. Hence the invention of the Gravy Warmer


Now, I’m not sure how many formal dinners involve the use of extension cords on the table, but just in case, you can order this As Seen on TV Gravy Warmer for only $24.99!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Old Chair

Here is the before picture.  This was a $5 purchase from Craigslist. 



Aside from it being ugly, the seat had broken, so I learned how to reupholster.  I’ve watched my mom do this many times, and it’s not as hard as it seems.  The after pictures will come as soon as I finish.  Right now I’m just waiting for the paint to dry :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me! Monday


It is (not) that time of the week again.  Where I – and others – tell about all of the things we did (not) do this week.  Head over to MckMama’s blog to read all of the things other people did (not) do this week.

This week I did (not) travel to our Nation’s Capitol for work.  I do (not) work with a fantastic group of folks who (whom"?) I hardly see since they are spread across the eastern US and I am in Minnesota.  (I do (not) know when it is proper to use who and whom.)

It was (not) great to be in DC the week before Memorial Day and had I (not) realized earlier that it was a holiday weekend, I would (not) have thought to stay longer.  I think the ceremonies would (not) be amazing there.

In traveling from the airport to the office, I did (not) take the Metro.  Waiting on the platform at the airport, a large bug did (not) fly into my hair causing me to jump around like a crazy person.  I do (not) think this kept people away from me on the Metro.

Since I do (not) always travel in jeans instead of work clothes, I did (not) have to change in the bathroom before arriving at work.  I had (not) planned ahead and chosen a skirt, ironed it, and set it on top of my suitcase so changing would be easy.  I had (not) tried on this skirt since last summer and it was (not) a bit snug.  If I had been at home I would (not) have changed, but since I was traveling, I was (not) stuck wandering around all day in the (not) quite snug skirt.

When we meet in a large group, it does (not) always surprise me when the gentleman get up and plug in the woman’s computers so the women do (not) have to crawl on the floor or walk around the table.  Did I mention that I do (not) work with a fantastic group of people? 

Almost all of the people I work with are (not) veterans.  Which is (not) appropriate since we work with Service Members of all branches and their families. 

And, since it is (not) Memorial Day and I do (not) want to pretend this is something I do (not) do, I’ll just say it normally -  I want to thank all the Service Members and their families for their service, especially those who are, or have been deployed.  A special thank you to the families of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.   Happy Memorial Day!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crazy Product of The Week

Ok – I have to admit it. I’ve seen this one for years and I think it is FUNNY!! I wonder who came up with it and who would actually have it in their homes, but I like it in concept :)

the_exred_thumb I think it is more fun than a regular knife block on the countertop, but I still don’t think I would ever buy it. Just in case you want to, it comes in black too.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Slowly Going "Green" - Window Cleaner

I like windows. It may not be surprising considering I would like to live in a glass house and have a slight obsession with sleeping outdoors. I hate streaky windows. I will take half an hour and use half a roll of paper towels to clean the windows just so they aren't streaky. So after reading many, many reviews for these microfiber cloths (just wet and wipe the window - no cleaner needed - no streaks) I finally gave in and got them. I LOVE them! I cleaned all the windows in my apartment, the bathroom mirror, and the car windows. LOVE them!

I don't typically clean my car windows. I had heard that windex messed with the tint (not sure if it's true - I just didn't want to test it out). Now they are sparkling - well, actually, they were sparking a couple weeks ago when I cleaned them - I may need to do it again.

And, it doesn’t hurt that they are purple – how fun!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday


This week there are many, many things that I did (not) do, but I am (not) writing this on Sunday night again and I did (not) block out forget most of them.

I have (not) had my new old desk chair disassembled since two days after I bought it (the first week in May) and sitting in parts in the living room.  I did (not) go to approximately 5 fabric stores in person and another 50 or so online before finding a fabric I can live with.  I am (not) that picky when it comes to decorating my place.  After the fabric arrived this week, I did (not) need to go to three more stores to get other things I needed for the chair.  I will (not) post more later about the chair re-do - just as soon as I finish!

A woman at my office did (not) stumble across the most perfect apartment ever!  It does (not) sound like it has everything I wanted plus some.  It is also (not) about $200 over my price range.  I have (not) been wondering if I should make the woman show it to me even though I don’t want to pay that much.  I do (not) dream that she will rent it to my at MY price.

I did (not) spend WAY too much time on the computer this weekend looking at all the pictures on desire to inspire. It does (not) have the best collection of interior photos.  This was (not) my way of procrastinating apartment hunting.  I did (not) forget to wear my glasses for this and now do (not) have a headache.

There are lots more things that I did (not) do this week, but rather than try to remember them all, I’ll just send you over to MckMama’s blog to read all the things other people did (not) do!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


My sister just booked a flight up to visit! Yay!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy Product of the Week

This may not seem like a crazy product….. until you look at the price tag.


These lovely porcelain sculptures of pears, apricots, horse chestnuts, and fig range in price from $72 - $400 EACH! I typically prefer real fruit over fake, but who pays $400 for fake fruit & nuts? Maybe someone who is nuts?