Friday, March 6, 2009

Those who throw stones....

Shouldn't live in glass houses. (Isn't that how the saying goes?) But does that mean that if I DON'T throw stones that I can live in a glass house?

My current apartment is a bit of a fishbowl. The exterior wall is floor to ceiling windows (that don't open, Grrrr). I live on a lower floor, and the dog walk area is just outside my window, so I thought it would be weird at first having people be able to see in. There are blinds, but I'm too lazy to put them down each evening and up each morning.

Turns out - I don't really mind it. Sure, I'd prefer to have it facing reserve land or something where no one could see in, but I really like having one whole wall that is the outdoors.

So now I'm thinking that living in a glass house would be pretty cool. Think about it - stare at the stars just before you go to sleep, great views of the lightning in thunderstorms, watching the snow fall.... sounds so peaceful!!

But since I do want a LITTLE privacy. I'm thinking something like this. Doesn't that look amazing?

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