Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Slowly Going "Green" - Shopping Bags

I am slowly taking steps (tiny, non-painful steps) to go "green". When I moved to Minnesota a little over two years ago, I did not bring any plastic bags with me. None. About a year ago I noticed that I was running out of room for all the plastic bags I had accumulated at that point (and I use them regularly for trash bags and to clean the litter box.)

It was then that I splurged and purchased reusable shopping bags. These particular bags roll up and five of them fit in a tiny pouch. Since I hardly ever remember to pick them up before heading to the grocery store, I can just carry them around all the time. They've also come in handy for many other tote-bag-related things. And they're cute! Other added benefits are that they hold a lot more than a regular plastic bag and they fit over my shoulder so I can carry all my groceries up to my apartment without killing myself!

Now I only use the store bags when I need more for the kitty litter.

mikado_376x251 MK_P_D-2T

Is it bad that it bothers me that they are cuter patterns out since I bought mine?

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  1. Elizabeth, just wanted to tell you that I love your blog! I just came acrossed it and it seems we are very similar. My sister is getting married in Oct. and I have been searching for the perfect wedding present for her and I came across these bags acouple weeks ago and thought they would be perfect along with a gift certificate to the grocery store. They should be able to use them for a long time and it will help the environment in the process! ~Sara