Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday again. I have done nothing towards getting the links/pictures in one place so I have them for today. I also have not

This week I did (not)
- take a day off work to go to the State Fair
- take pictures at the fair of the butter carvings. In butter, they carve the heads of the Dairy Princesses. I think they're called the Princess Kay of the Milky Way.
- pet a newborn pig
- eat some food on a stick :)
- pack in a van with 10 other people to go see a friend's new house
- have the luau pizza at Chatterbox (very good!)
- bike 23 miles in one day (on my new bike)
- get onto the wrong trail and go an extra four miles on the bike ride(was supposed to be a 19 mile bike ride)
- put together a bike mount for my car (still needs work - it was shifting a little on my drive this morning)
- read two books
- reserve at the library the sequel to one of the books and two others by the same author
- drive around with the library books for three days and not return them
- find a dress for my friend's wedding (finally)
- find shoes for the wedding
- make margherita pizza - complete with fresh mozzerella - at home (it was just OK)
- ate pizza 3 times this week

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Another week has (not) gone by without me even thinking about posting. I am (not) starting to wonder if blogging is really my thing. On to what did (not) happen this week.

I did (not) finish my big work project... again. That's right, this was (not) a re-do of my earlier project that was completed in February. When printed, my piece did (not) fill a six inch binder. Six. Inch. Binder....Full.

This weekend I did (not) take a well deserved rest. I did (not) skip out of work early on Friday and attend my conference call Friday afternoon from the mall. I did (not) spend hours at the mall on Friday and only come out with clothes for my nieces and nephews. Clothes shopping for kids is (not) MUCH more fun than clothes shopping for me. I am (not) planning to spend more time clothes shopping for me soon so I can find a dress for an upcoming wedding I'm attending.

This weekend I did (not) run errands on Saturday, decide the weather was too nice to run errands, return to my apartment and head out to the pool to read. I did (not) finish that book on Saturday evening. I didn't finish the errands (really, I didn't).

Sunday I did (not) go kayaking with friends in the smallest little lake. In an hour we did (not) go around it about eight times. I have (not) decided that I really like kayaking and will definitely (not) do it again. Although if I were to do it again, it would (not) be on the chain of lakes because I most certainly did (not) get bored going around and around in circles for an hour on the tiny lake.

After kayaking, I did (not) meet my friend at the bike shop. That did (not) turn into me getting a new bike. I then did (not) take the new bike for a spin around one of the lake (larger than the kayaking one). I do (not) love the new bike :) I am (not) planning bike rides for every weekend until the weather gets bad.

I am (not) slacking on taking pics of the new place that I have now lived in for officially one month. I have not yet hung up anything on the walls besides the clock that isn't working after the move.

I am (not) posting because I feel unmotivated to work. Chaulk it up to the extra hours I've put in recently.

More later (or maybe next Monday).

Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Yet again I am creating this post on the fly and do not have the picture or a way to link up to MckMama's blog (who started Not Me! Monday), but here goes:

I did (not) almost promise to do a "real" Not Me! Monday next week complete with logo and links before realizing that I am 75% sure I would break that promise and should not make it.

I do (not) only blog when I have free time, and since I've had some surprises come up with work, I have (not) ignored blogging, reading other blogs, etc. This is (not) also in addition to not having internet at home.

I did (not) discover that I can hook up to internet at home this weekend while attempting to get my work done without going in to the office. I also did (not) eat at Panera yesterday just so I could use their internet.

I did (not) injure myself jumping out of the back of a golf cart this weekend. I am (not) that much of a clutz that a simple thing like getting out of a golf cart (even if it was one of those built like a dump truck) would be something that hurt me.

Paramedics in the office first thing on a Monday are (not) concerning to me. I was (not) impressed by the swiftness of the security team as they ushered in the paramedics. The CEO did (not) arrive at the same time as the paramedics. What a way to start a week! (I have learned that the person is OK and is just being observed. No idea what happened).

I was (not) so excited to finish my big work project late last night that I immediately started checking my calendar to figure out when I can take a day off. I love every minute of my job and love giving them all my free time as well as the regular work week.
I did (not) decide this morning that since I have at least a few committments every day this week, that I would attempt to just take a couple of afternoons off instead. I do (not) look forward to my time off that much that I would start planning to shorten the week on Monday morning.

I do (not) work about a half mile from one of the largest malls in the country and do (not) refuse to shop on the weekends during school shopping season (is that a season?) This is (not) contributing to the need for time off.

I did (not) finally pick up a converter box this weekend. I was (not) excited to finally have TV again. It's the little things in life.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I'm again without my computer and files, so I'm posting this on the run. Here's what this week did (not) consist of...
- Attending 38 hours of meetings in four days
- Sitting for 6 hours on planes
- Working at my desk in MN 5 hours
- Waking up 3 hours earlier than normal
- Spending one hour going to get my new cell phone - in Arlington - I missed internet too much to wait until I got home
- Taking a 2 hour nap Sunday afternoon
- Seeing Julie & Julia - it was OK
- Wine tasting at the St. Croix Winery
- Eating out for every meal
- A massive grocery trip
- Leaving my lunch at home today.

Hopefully more time to write coming soon!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It isn't an official Not Me! Monday, but I have been on hiatus for a while, so here goes. In the last week (or maybe ten days) I did (not) do the following:
- welcome my parents to MN
- sign the lease for a new apartment
- move me into the new apartment
- go to the park to see the Pops Orchestra
- see the Art Car Parade
- listen to the orchestra play my baby song (Oh What a Beautiful Morning from Okalahoma)
- fly to DC for a last minute meeting
- fly home from DC
- turn in the keys to my old apartment
- go to Historic Murphy's Landing
- get called away from Murphy's Landing for a last minute work conference call
- drop my parents off at the airport for them to head back to FL
- work
- work
- happy hour for my 30th birthday
- work
- 18 mile bike ride (on a sucky bike - I thought I was going to die)
- Birthday night out - dinner and the dueling piano bar
- bike shopping (so I don't die next time)
- realize the tonado sirens also go off for severe thunderstorms
- let some crickets into the apartment while bringing in the patio futniture (I have a patio!)
- clean up after the cat when she ate, then threw up one of the crickets
- work
- head back to DC

I am (not) currently sitting in DC again. For the second time in a little over a week.

I do have a few new things to post about, but they will have to wait until things settle down a little.