Monday, April 20, 2009

Slowly Going "Green" - Grass-Fed Beef

So in my attempt to be “green”, I have been looking at buying local. I tried out a local co-op that has grass-fed beef. It’s something I’ve looked at before, but I had never really tried. I don’t typically cook meat at home since I’m not really good in the kitchen (a few exceptions – anything in the crock pot, and a few recipes where all have to do is stick it in the oven with a meat thermometer in it).

So on Saturday I was out and about, hungry and needing to pick up some groceries. I head to the co-op and get some frozen pizzas for Saturday’s dinner, and decide to pick up a piece of beef for Sunday.

I should have mentioned at the beginning of this post that not everyone will want to read it. For example – folks who get queasy easily.

Ok – now that I’ve warned you. It’s really nice that the package has the packaged date and a use-by date. The particular steak I picked up was packaged just two days before. Talk about fresh!

I had read online about different cooking methods to make sure the meat doesn’t get tough (apparently a big complaint from people switching from “regular” meat to grass-fed). What I didn’t prepare myself for was that when I opened the plastic it would drip on me. Not regular meat-juice. Blood. Like when you prick your finger or cut yourself shaving. Real blood. Not meat-juice.

I have always been able to separate in my mind the animal from what I’m eating. So I marinate the meat and cook it (using the meat thermometer to be sure I don’t overcook it). And yet, when I sit down to dinner – I couldn’t separate the meat from the animal. Don’t get me wrong, I ate it (well, the half of it I was planning to eat). But I couldn’t help think that this is why people become vegetarian. And I didn’t enjoy it. The other half will not be eaten.

I don’t think I could go vegetarian – I hate beans! So I guess I’ll go back to not making meat at home. Ew.

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  1. The reason you wrote is the exact reason I don't eat red meat. Yuck.
    However? My husband loves it, so i make it for him. I always feel sick to my stomach when the blood comes out as I make hamburger patties.
    We buy our beef from a local farmer, and have it processed ourself. That way we know exactly what goes into it, how it was processed and how long it has been around. It just feels more comfortable that way.
    I still hate the blood though. Yuck.