Monday, April 27, 2009

Slowly Going "Green" - Recycling

My office and home buildings both recycle. It's easy at work - shredding bin on my desk and I walk the soda bottles/cans to the bins in the kitchen (two on each floor). At home, I found out that my building has two recycling bins in the trash room - one for paper/cardboard and one for plastic/glass/metal.

I didn't think I produced much recyclable "trash" until I realized that it takes cardboard. EVERYTHING is wrapped in cardboard. Cereal boxes, frozen food, the cardboard that keeps all 6 yogurt together......

Then it occurred to me how much plastic/metal I go through. Milk jugs, yogurt containers, frozen food meals, cans for food, plastic that berries come in, tinfoil.....

I had two paper shopping bags set up in my kitchen next to my trash can for a few months. When it got full, I emptied it. They weren't pretty though. I was on the lookout for cute bags/bins to put in my kitchen for months, but they were all ugly (or super expensive.) Until one day I was strolling around Target and found two of these cute totes. I couldn’t find them on the Target website, so here’s a pic of one from my kitchen – complete with recycle-ables in it. Oh – and better yet – they fit in my pantry so they are no longer sitting out.


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  1. My hubs and I are big on recycling too. It is cool, because my 6 year old is now really into it as well. It is awesome to see what they can learn and even teach us. I love that bag! What section was it in? I though I knew all target had to offer!