Saturday, January 31, 2009

Unique Thrift Stores

Over the past week or so I've been on a thrift store kick.  I realized that I don't know any thrift stores here (and it's cheap furniture shopping), so I looked some up on google and travelled all over the Twin Cities to look at them.  All three of the Unique Thrift Stores I went to were very nice.  Huge stores, well maintained, and cheap prices.  Just what I want in a thrift store!  Now I'm just talking about the furniture and home portions, I didn't have the patience to look through the clothes.

I found a console that I want for $10 - really good condition. 

A wing back chair for $2.  The fabric was ugly and faded, but still in good condition, so it wouldn't be that hard to slipcover or re-upholster.

Lots of cute lamps!  $7ish each. 

I just wish I had a place for all any of them.  Hmm.  I need a bigger place.

Friday, January 30, 2009

I miss my house

I like doing (some) home improvement projects.  I’ve painted lots, replaced the kitchen sink, faucet & garbage disposal, I’ve removed a half wall, torn up carpet and replaced it with laminate wood floors (ok – for the floor installation I had my Dad do it and I just “helped”). 

I’ve been looking at houses up here which I can’t buy until I sell my Florida house and most of the ones with charm have really old ugly bathrooms.  If I were to re-do a bathroom in an older house, here’s what I would want – all available at Overstock, so probably cheaper than it would be elsewhere.

overstock freestanding tub overstock oval vessel sink

 overstock towelsoverstock robe hook

  overstock toilet

How gorgeous would this be?!?!?

So Pretty!

I’ve been organizing a bit lately, and decided that I should again attempt to use my hanging file bin.  Since I no longer have hanging file folders, I decided that I would buy some new ones.  Pretty ones. 

If the selection available at four different large office supply stores is any indication, turns out that I am one of very few people in this world that think hanging file folders should be pretty.  Lots of people seem to think that interior file folders should be pretty, just not the hanging kind.  They only come in army green or primary colors. 

After spending all last weekend hunting for pretty hanging file folders, I finally found some.  Here. Half off!!  So of course I had to get the matching interior file folders too.

Look how cute!!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

No-New Pledge

There is a family out there who made a pledge in 2007, and again this year, not to buy any new products (food and toiletries were exceptions).  Everything else they purchased that year was "used". 

It's an interesting concept, and since I'm trying to save money (just like everyone else in this economy) I first thought about implementing something similar, but they make a good point - you can pay a lot for secondhand items or get new ones for really cheap (on sale or clearance).  Plus, whenever I spend money I consider it my little boost to the economy.  So for now - I'll just look for some great sales ;)

My current place

When I moved to Minnesota, I had three weeks from the time I was offered the job to my first day.  I had to pack up my house (very nice three bedroom in Oviedo, Florida – currently for sale if anyone’s interested – anyway, back to my point)  sell a bunch of stuff, arrange movers, drive up here, and oh yeah – find an apartment in a city I new very little about.  Of course, the apartment had to be in a good neighborhood, easy to get back and forth from work (I had never driven in snow before), allow my cat, let me view the apartment and move in the following day, and make it easy for me to deal with the change in climate.  No problem!!

Lucky, a friend of mine (helping me apartment hunt) stumbled on a condo for rent right across the street from work.  New building – nice and modern, heated underground garage, walk to work, heat included, will take my cat, OK with my short time frame, and all in my price range. 

Here’s where I live – looks like office buildings, but it really is all condos.  I’ll take some pics of the interior soon!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Carving

No, I am not a talented Ice Carver.  These are from the St Paul Winter Carnival that I visited last weekend with some friends.  This is just to give you a little taste of the Winter Carnival.  Of course, you’ll have to look at them in a walk-in freezer to get a real taste – it was –15 with wind chill!!!P1020632Toughest Cowboy


  P1020637Indian Campsite – I like the “fire” P1020638My Favorite – Love the Palm Trees :) P1020641 Alice in Wonderland

P1020642Close-up of the Cheshire Cat P1020645 Shark Hunting?

P1020647Shark – Love the grin :D


The Last Supper!

I Suck

So, not only do I suck at writing, but I don't really like it. Why start a blog if you don't like writing (as in HATE writing)? Well, maybe I'm a glutton for punishment. Maybe I just want to jump on the blogging bandwagon. Maybe I just want a place to record my ramblings - whenever I have them - and post some photos and questions. Hmmm. Maybe I'll tire of this in a few days. Maybe not.