Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Old Desk

I bought a desk. I wasn’t looking for a desk, but in playing on Craigslist I found this one for sale for $30 and I wanted it. So after work I went by and picked it up. (Thank you to the nice woman I bought it from and the man working on her house for loading it in my car!)

Once I got home I realized that I had no way to get it out of the car and into my apartment. I wish I had pictures of me trying to get it out of the car, but I was too busy trying not to drop it and failing (I only dropped it once and very lightly) and NO thank you to the woman who arrived in the garage and walked right by me while I was trying to balance the desk and get it out of the car.

I finally got it loaded up onto one of the carts my building keeps for groceries and got it upstairs (thank goodness for elevators!) Then I had to figure out how to stand it back up. About 30 minutes later I had it in it’s new home.

Here are some pictures:

P1020790 P1020784

I was debating painting it, but after a quick Google search, I found out it’s called a Spinet Desk typical from late 1800’s to early-mid 1900’s. Apparently after a spinet (kindof like a piano/harpsicord) worn out they were sometimes converted to desks. I believe that’s how the style started. Not exactly something I’d paint.

The top folds back with a piano hinge. It’s missing the piece of the top that folds over the front. The lighter colored wood writing surface pulls out for more space. I think for now I’ll try to fix the pieces that are breaking (drawer bottoms, front piece) and leave the rest alone.

So……. what do you think?


  1. hmm.... reminds me of something someone else we know would pick out...

  2. Found your blog from MckMama's. I'm not a huge furniture fanatic, but this is a beautiful desk! I hope you enjoy it!