Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday


This week there are many, many things that I did (not) do, but I am (not) writing this on Sunday night again and I did (not) block out forget most of them.

I have (not) had my new old desk chair disassembled since two days after I bought it (the first week in May) and sitting in parts in the living room.  I did (not) go to approximately 5 fabric stores in person and another 50 or so online before finding a fabric I can live with.  I am (not) that picky when it comes to decorating my place.  After the fabric arrived this week, I did (not) need to go to three more stores to get other things I needed for the chair.  I will (not) post more later about the chair re-do - just as soon as I finish!

A woman at my office did (not) stumble across the most perfect apartment ever!  It does (not) sound like it has everything I wanted plus some.  It is also (not) about $200 over my price range.  I have (not) been wondering if I should make the woman show it to me even though I don’t want to pay that much.  I do (not) dream that she will rent it to my at MY price.

I did (not) spend WAY too much time on the computer this weekend looking at all the pictures on desire to inspire. It does (not) have the best collection of interior photos.  This was (not) my way of procrastinating apartment hunting.  I did (not) forget to wear my glasses for this and now do (not) have a headache.

There are lots more things that I did (not) do this week, but rather than try to remember them all, I’ll just send you over to MckMama’s blog to read all the things other people did (not) do!!

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