Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday


I’ve been following MckMama over at mycharmingkids for a while. She started Not Me! Mondays and now has a huge following of folks that do it too! Head over there and read about all the things that folks did (not) do this week.

This week I did (not) start to wonder if my eyes need to be checked. I did (not) end up holding a book much closer than I thought I should and end up with a headache. I do (not) get regular eye exams, so it’s (not) like my eyes haven’t been checked since I was in school and they had those little charts with the E’s M’s and W’s. (Was that just in grade school?!?) I have (not) used the excuse that as long as I see better than my friends I don’t need to have an eye exam. That would be stupid!

I am (not) trying to eat really well and exercise because I’m headed to Vegas in a couple weeks and will need to wear a bathing suit and be cute. I did (not) spend the morning on Saturday trying on cute dresses, which I did (not) care for on my body shape only to leave and get an ice cream sundae. That would (not) undo what little work I’ve done so far. I am always in perfect shape for bathing suit season and most certainly would (not) wait until three weeks before the trip to work on getting into shape. I do (not) use weight loss shows to benchmark how much better I could look in a bathing suit in three short weeks. The people on those shows are working out HOURS each day while I sit all day at my desk at work.

This morning I did (not) hit snooze for 45 minutes because it was dark outside and I didn’t want to get up. This snooze time did (not) take the place of the time I had set aside to work on my Not Me! Posting. So I will (not) leave you now without filling you in on the rest of the things I did (not) do this week so I can head to work. Maybe by next week I will either be used to the darkness in the morning or give up and plug my Christmas light timer into a bedroom lamp. I have (never) done that before and most certainly (not) every year since I moved to Minnesota.

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  1. Great not me mondays. I hate it when my alarm clock goes nuts and wakes me up at daft aclock in the morning and it is still dark. well should I say I set it wrong lol