Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Another week has (not) gone by without me even thinking about posting. I am (not) starting to wonder if blogging is really my thing. On to what did (not) happen this week.

I did (not) finish my big work project... again. That's right, this was (not) a re-do of my earlier project that was completed in February. When printed, my piece did (not) fill a six inch binder. Six. Inch. Binder....Full.

This weekend I did (not) take a well deserved rest. I did (not) skip out of work early on Friday and attend my conference call Friday afternoon from the mall. I did (not) spend hours at the mall on Friday and only come out with clothes for my nieces and nephews. Clothes shopping for kids is (not) MUCH more fun than clothes shopping for me. I am (not) planning to spend more time clothes shopping for me soon so I can find a dress for an upcoming wedding I'm attending.

This weekend I did (not) run errands on Saturday, decide the weather was too nice to run errands, return to my apartment and head out to the pool to read. I did (not) finish that book on Saturday evening. I didn't finish the errands (really, I didn't).

Sunday I did (not) go kayaking with friends in the smallest little lake. In an hour we did (not) go around it about eight times. I have (not) decided that I really like kayaking and will definitely (not) do it again. Although if I were to do it again, it would (not) be on the chain of lakes because I most certainly did (not) get bored going around and around in circles for an hour on the tiny lake.

After kayaking, I did (not) meet my friend at the bike shop. That did (not) turn into me getting a new bike. I then did (not) take the new bike for a spin around one of the lake (larger than the kayaking one). I do (not) love the new bike :) I am (not) planning bike rides for every weekend until the weather gets bad.

I am (not) slacking on taking pics of the new place that I have now lived in for officially one month. I have not yet hung up anything on the walls besides the clock that isn't working after the move.

I am (not) posting because I feel unmotivated to work. Chaulk it up to the extra hours I've put in recently.

More later (or maybe next Monday).

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