Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Yet again I am creating this post on the fly and do not have the picture or a way to link up to MckMama's blog (who started Not Me! Monday), but here goes:

I did (not) almost promise to do a "real" Not Me! Monday next week complete with logo and links before realizing that I am 75% sure I would break that promise and should not make it.

I do (not) only blog when I have free time, and since I've had some surprises come up with work, I have (not) ignored blogging, reading other blogs, etc. This is (not) also in addition to not having internet at home.

I did (not) discover that I can hook up to internet at home this weekend while attempting to get my work done without going in to the office. I also did (not) eat at Panera yesterday just so I could use their internet.

I did (not) injure myself jumping out of the back of a golf cart this weekend. I am (not) that much of a clutz that a simple thing like getting out of a golf cart (even if it was one of those built like a dump truck) would be something that hurt me.

Paramedics in the office first thing on a Monday are (not) concerning to me. I was (not) impressed by the swiftness of the security team as they ushered in the paramedics. The CEO did (not) arrive at the same time as the paramedics. What a way to start a week! (I have learned that the person is OK and is just being observed. No idea what happened).

I was (not) so excited to finish my big work project late last night that I immediately started checking my calendar to figure out when I can take a day off. I love every minute of my job and love giving them all my free time as well as the regular work week.
I did (not) decide this morning that since I have at least a few committments every day this week, that I would attempt to just take a couple of afternoons off instead. I do (not) look forward to my time off that much that I would start planning to shorten the week on Monday morning.

I do (not) work about a half mile from one of the largest malls in the country and do (not) refuse to shop on the weekends during school shopping season (is that a season?) This is (not) contributing to the need for time off.

I did (not) finally pick up a converter box this weekend. I was (not) excited to finally have TV again. It's the little things in life.

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