Monday, August 3, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It isn't an official Not Me! Monday, but I have been on hiatus for a while, so here goes. In the last week (or maybe ten days) I did (not) do the following:
- welcome my parents to MN
- sign the lease for a new apartment
- move me into the new apartment
- go to the park to see the Pops Orchestra
- see the Art Car Parade
- listen to the orchestra play my baby song (Oh What a Beautiful Morning from Okalahoma)
- fly to DC for a last minute meeting
- fly home from DC
- turn in the keys to my old apartment
- go to Historic Murphy's Landing
- get called away from Murphy's Landing for a last minute work conference call
- drop my parents off at the airport for them to head back to FL
- work
- work
- happy hour for my 30th birthday
- work
- 18 mile bike ride (on a sucky bike - I thought I was going to die)
- Birthday night out - dinner and the dueling piano bar
- bike shopping (so I don't die next time)
- realize the tonado sirens also go off for severe thunderstorms
- let some crickets into the apartment while bringing in the patio futniture (I have a patio!)
- clean up after the cat when she ate, then threw up one of the crickets
- work
- head back to DC

I am (not) currently sitting in DC again. For the second time in a little over a week.

I do have a few new things to post about, but they will have to wait until things settle down a little.

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