Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Nation's Capital

I visit Our Nation's Capital more and more frequently lately. When I moved to Minnesota and started this job, I was told that I would be traveling infrequently (twice a year maybe?), but since we have a Florida office as well, I would probably end up there once a year. Not bad - a free flight and the ability to extend my trip for a family visit.
I have been at this job for about two and a half years. For the first year and a half, I traveled about four times a year. Mostly I have traveled to Our Nation's Capital, but I did go to the Pennsylvania office once.
In the last year, I have traveled to Our Nation's Capital much more frequently. Mostly due to the BIG project I've had on my plate (that you'll note I've finished a few times because of requests for revisions). I am again in Our Nation's Capital today heading back to Minnesota. This trip was unexpected - I had about 24 hours from when I found out I needed to come and when I needed to arrive. This is my third trip in about a month. So much for infrequent travel.
I have not yet visited the Florida office.

With the exception of one trip to Our Nation's Capital (when I attended a training, not a meeting), I spend most of my time in the office. We work long days, and there is usually work to be done back at the hotel after dinner. The extent of my sightseeing is looking at the monuments out the office or plane window.

Now that the big project is done (at least for now), I have decided that I should be taking some more time to see the Capital while I'm there. Any suggestions on what to see if I only have time to see it after 7pm? Since we're moving towards winter, it will be dark soon after 7. Maybe one of these trips I'll be able to stay through the weekend!

I'm told that we are planning a meeting at our Florida office. I'm not holding my breath.

I would have liked to stay in the Capital over the holiday weekend, but I have tickets tonight for the Vikings vs. Cowboys game!

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